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ULTRA BOLTS TECHNOLOGY INC (hereinafter referred to as ULTRA BOLTS) was established in June 2013 and located in Newport Beach, California.ULTRA BOLTS is the U.S. subsidiary of Shanghai JUNOUP Industry & Trading Co., Ltd. and an important part of JUNOUP Group's global strategy.The establishment of ULTRA BOLTS further promotes the company's global brand building, business development and product internationalization process.

ULTRA BOLTS, located in California as the parent company's global purchasing center and sales center, primarily helps the parent company look for and purchase advanced technology and high quality specialized hydraulic tools and equipment made in American and European countries, then sell to Chinese industrial customers; while helps the parent company sell the highly cost-effective, made in China, automotive aftermarket products to the United States and other international markets.

The hydraulic tools and equipment ULTRA BOLTS has purchased for the parent company from Europe and America include hydraulic torque wrenches, hydraulic pumps, pneumatic torque wrenches,electric torque wrenches, manual torque multipliers, hand pumps, ultrasonic controllers and torque test stands etc. The products ULTRA BOLTS has sold to the United States and other international markets mainly include repair tools and equipment used in the automotive aftermarket such as oil receivers, fuel caddies and hose reels.

ULTRA BOLTS adheres to scientific innovation and technological progress, commits itself to the close collaboration with partners and steadily implements the market strategy and internationalization strategy of JUNOUP Group. ULTRA BOLTS adheres to  steady development and seeks further breakthroughs of new products and services based on helping the parent company with the continuous growth of the existing business. ULTRA BOLTS has a continued long-term plan in the United States, and is commited to realizing the joint development of U.S. local corporations and social economy, which is a long-term strategy and commitment ULTRA BOLTS has made in the United States.

The parent company of ULTRA BOLTS has built up the long-term cooperation and maintained good relations with domestic large group corporations in China, meanwhile emerging in the North American automotive aftermarket tools market. ULTRA BOLTS plays a role of the bridge in connecting JUNOUP Group and global customers and partners.ULTRA BOLTS introduces the U.S. high-tech projects or products and sells them to the customers in China, while pushes the Chinese highly cost-effective products to the United States and other international markets. ULTRA BOLTS will help JUNOUP Group further expand the North American and global markets, establish a good cooperation relationship with the North American and international customers and achieve JUNOUP Group's global strategic goals. ULTRA BOLTS will create a brilliant future with the parent company together.



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